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Error on SharePoint workflow when using managed metadata

This article was created in response to a support issue logged with K2. The content may include typographical errors and may be revised at any time without notice. This article is not considered official documentation for K2 software and is provided "as is" with no warranties.


In this scenario, we have a workflow that begins by adding a list item to a SharePoint list.

After installing a Fix Pack (1-5) from K2 to resolve a different issue, the workflow now fails with the following error:

"The collection has not been initialized. It has not been requested or the request has not been executed. It may need to be explicitly requested."

More error detail:

"Type: SourceCode.SmartObjects.Client.SmartObjectException Source: SourceCode.SmartObjects.Client Method Base Member Type: Method Name: ExecuteScalar Module Scope Name: SourceCode.SmartObjects.Client.dll Declaring Type Full Name: SourceCode.SmartObjects.Client.SmartObjectClientServer Stack Trace: at SourceCode.SmartObjects.Client.SmartObjectClientServer.ExecuteScalar(SmartObject smartObject, DataTable inputTable) at SourceCode.Forms.AppFramework.FormRuntime.SmartObjectExecution(BrokerSmartObject brokerSmo, SmartObjectBrokerMetaData brokerMetaData, Boolean outputDependencies, SmartObjectClientServer smoClientServer, Queue`1 soInstances) at SourceCode.Forms.AppFramework.FormRuntime.WorkXmlToApi(BrokerPackageCollection packages, SmartObjectClientServer smoClientServer) at SourceCode.Forms.AppFramework.FormRuntime.WorkXmlToApi(Stream input, Stream output) at SourceCode.Forms.Runtime.AJAXCall.ProcessRequestInternal(HttpContext context)"


This error will only occur if a K2 5.1 environment had Fix pack 1 to 5 applied, and if you have a custom list and added a column that stores managed metadata.

 It can be any managed metadata service.


This issue was fixed in K2 5.1 Fix Pack 6.