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Deactivating a Site causes a spinner

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When uninstalling a site collection from K2 for SharePoint, the screen simply 'sits and spins' and never progresses or uninstalls.


When deactivating the site, the page just spins and there is nothing being deactivated.


After running the Deactivate site collection method on the SharePoint Integration Helper method SmartObject, the issue was resolved. Please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to K2 Management.
2. Expand Categories.
3. Navigate to the following category: System > SP 2013 integration > SP Integration Helper Methods SmartObject > execute deactivate Site collection.
4. For the values needed to run this, you will need the following:
- Site Collection URL - Your Site Collection URL of the site you want to deactivate.
- K2 Server URL - Your K2 Server, most likely your Smartforms URL.
- Uninstall All Sites - Yes or no, depending on if you want to uninstall all subsites.
- Application Site URL - This is your SharePoint App URL. You can find this by hitting the K2 for SharePoint Setting page.
It should look like this: https://app-47f634eb9aae1a.denallix.com/K2forSharePoint