When installing a SmartStarter, the installation hangs on the "Registering" Step

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When a SmartStarter is installed it looks for the SmartForms Runtime URL environment field for the valid runtime URL even if the SmartForms Runtime URL SSL environment field is set to default. If the SmartForms Runtime URL is invalid, the SmartStarter installation will hang on the "Registering" Step. This is because we do not know if the SmartForms Runtime SSL field will exist in the target environment. There will always be a SmartForms Runtime URL field, so we default to using that. There is currently no way in the platform to let P&D select your default field, hence we use the field that we know will be present on the environment.


SmartStarter hangs on the "Registering" step. The SmartForms Runtime URL environment field is not set to the correct value as the correct runtime URL environment field (likely the SmartForms Runtime SSL URL field) is set to default.


To resolve this, set the SmartForms Runtime URL environment field to the correct SmartForms Runtime URL. The SmartForms Runtime URL does not have to be set to default if the SSL runtime URL (or another runtime environment field) is used, but it will require the correct URL for the SmartStarter to install.

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