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Radio Button in Smartforms can't be printed

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To help users configure K2 to be able to print the radio button on to a paper.

Before You Begin

Before you begin, create a SmartObject, create an item view and then drag a file attachment to the item view. Depending on the rules, you may want to configure that when the button is clicked,  results in "savePDF attachment file".

How-to Steps

Please follow these steps:
1. Create a SmartObject and add fields.
2. Create a form. 
3. Create an item view and add the file attachment.
4. Run the form to be able to attach the PDF file and press the create button.
5. The PDF file is then stored in the database.

On the Database you will have to run similiar SQL script example shown below:

* SELECT * FROM [dbo].[LuyPDF] ( Displays PDF files stored in database)
* DELETE FROM LuyPDF where ID = '2'; (To Delete the PDF File stored in database)