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K2 4.7 March 2018 Cumulative Update will be unsuccessful with the below logged error

"Installer Traces
1:3: MainWindow.UpdateStatus: >> STATUS: Processed: K2 for SharePoint 2013.kspx
1:3: Component.ExecuteTarget: >> Logged Error: Target did not complete successfully: K2 for SharePoint 2013.kspx
1:3: Component.ExecuteTarget: >> Package not set to break on failure."


This error will indicate that there is a missing component from the K2 For Sharepoint.kprx package.

By running the Package and Deployment tool and deploying the K2 For Sharepoint.kprx the below error will be displayed"

"Could not publish SmartObject Definition to server: Error: Invalid object name 'dbo.SharePoint_Integration_Workflows_Events'.[] . SmartObject: [SharePoint Integration Workflows Events]"



Please note that database manipulation will be needed , and a K2 Support Ticket will need to be raised for assistance.

- Recreate the dbo.SharePoint_Integration_Workflows_Events table as per below script:


- Then redeploy the K2 For Sharepoint.kprx package if needed which can be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\K2\Setup