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When using Power BI and wanting to use the K2 Analytics template to generate a few reports, you notice that when the SmartObjects being used to generate against Power BI fails with warnings stating that this has "failed to generate".

This is done against the Odata API SmartObjects, which needs to be enabled within K2 Management.

If you try to refresh within Power BI, you are still presented with the same error.


Looking at the OData API SmartObjects within the management page this appears to be fine, and the SmartObject report executes just fine.

If you run a Fiddler trace along with trying to load up the Power BI report you will get the following error in Fiddler:

400 Bad Request

Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this, go into the K2 Management site and do the following:

In K2 Management >Integration >API's >SmartObject OData uncheck "Record Limit" and Apply Changes.