The K2 Five (5.2) May 2019 Cumulative Update Fix Packs contain fixes for issues reported in K2 Five (5.2) products. K2 recommends that you test these Fix Packs before you deploy to a production environment.

Be sure you are installing newer fix packs in your environment, and not overwriting with older fix packs.

Want to see what Fix Pack level you have installed? Check out KB001893: How to determine the installed K2 software version, Cumulative Updates, and Fix Packs

Fix PackRelease DateRelease notesDownload Link
Fix Pack 1 4 June 2019 Release notes Download Fix Pack 1
Fix Pack 2 11 June 2019 Release notes Download Fix Pack 2

Prerequisites and Dependencies

The Fix Packs are only compatible with K2 Five (5.2). Because Fix Packs are cumulative, each new Fix Pack contains the updates and fixes that were included with the previous Fix Pack releases.

K2 Five (5.2) May 2019 Cumulative Update must be installed first after which the latest Fix Pack must be installed.

Obtaining and installing the Fix Pack

You can download the latest Fix Pack installer by using the links above.  To install the latest Fix Pack follow the instructions in the Installation instructions.pdf included in the installer package.

Fix Pack 1

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB003184 - Hotfix: The K2 Host Server stops when executing a GetList method on a SQL SmartObject
  2. KB003185 - Hotfix: Slow performance experienced when running a sync on identities and group memberships
  3. KB003186 - Hotfix: The Average Duration for Activities is incorrect on workflow reports
  4. KB003187 - Hotfix: Slow performance occurs when updating a service using the BrokerManagement.exe
  5. KB003188 - Hotfix: Unable to create an Editable List view based on a SharePoint SmartObject
  6. KB003189 - Hotfix: An error occurs when multiple K2 Servers attempts to complete a sync
  7. KB003190 - Hotfix: A timeout occurs when executing the Host Server usage report
  8. KB003191 - Hotfix: A User Email field does not load correctly from a KPRX file
  9. KB003192 - Hotfix: An error occurs when creating a package after deleting and re-adding a SharePoint column
  10. KB003193 - Hotfix: A “For Each Item” rule does not execute on a sub view
  11. KB003194 - Hotfix: Performance enhancement on SyncEngine

Fix Pack 2

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB003198 - Hotfix: Multiple drop-down list controls do not populate correctly
  2. KB003199 - Hotfix: When using the "When the server loads the view" rule, form parameter values are not passed to the list view
  3. KB003200 - Hotfix: An error occurs when uploading a file using K2 smartforms
  4. KB003201 - Hotfix: An error occurs when deploying a workflow after upgrading to K2 Five (5.2)
  5. KB003202 - Hotfix: Missing reference error occurs when attempting to deploy a K2 workflow
  6. KB003203 - Hotfix: The pound symbol is not decoded correctly when used in a workflow task parameter