All the bug fixes listed below are included in the latest released K2 4.7 Cumulative Update. See KB001987 for more details.

The K2 4.7 May 2017 Cumulative Update Fix Packs contain fixes for issues reported in K2 4.7 products. K2 recommends that you test these Fix Packs before you deploy to a production environment.

Fix PackRelease DateRelease notes
Fix Pack 118 May 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 225 May 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 331 May 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 4 9 June 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 515 June 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 623 June 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 727 June 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 84 July 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 911 July 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 1018 July 2017Release notes
Fix Pack 1125 July 2017Release notes

Prerequisites and Dependencies

The Fix Packs are only compatible with K2 4.7 products (e.g. K2 blackpearl 4.7, smartforms 4.7 and K2 for SharePoint 4.7). Because Fix Packs are cumulative, each new Fix Pack contains the updates and fixes that were included with the previous Fix Pack releases.

K2 4.7 May 2017 Cumulative Update must be installed first after which the latest Fix Pack must be installed.

Obtaining and installing the update

To obtain the latest Fix Pack installer, please contact your regional K2 support center.

To install the latest Fix Pack follow the instructions in the Installation instructions.pdf included in the installer package.

Fix Pack 1

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001894 - Hotfix: Microsoft Management Console (MMC) does not respond when manually selecting items to deploy
  2. KB001895 - Hotfix: Unable to deploy a workflow in K2 Designer for SharePoint 2010 if the workflow contains a Call Sub Workflow event
  3. KB001896 - Hotfix: An error occurs when attempting to create a K2 application from a SharePoint List
  4. KB001897 - Hotfix: Executing a SQL Stored Procedure SmartObject from a linked SQL Server results in an error
  5. KB001899 - Hotfix: Item References used in a workflow, go into error when opening Form Rules
  6. KB001900 - Hotfix: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) method return parameters are unable to read a null value
  7. KB001901 - Hotfix: Drop-down lists on Forms do not display correctly on iOS devices
  8. KB001902 - Hotfix: PDF Output Mappings do not function as expected in the PDF control
  9. KB001903 - Hotfix: Slow performance on SharePoint Management pages when working with SmartObjects
  10. KB001904 - Hotfix: Unable to Check- In a View when a Control Field mapping token value in a rule is empty
  11. KB001905 - Hotfix: Workflow names display incorrectly when deploying a package

Fix Pack 2

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001907 - Hotfix: Unable to change the height of a View to an empty value
  2. KB001908 - Hotfix: Incorrect behavior experienced at runtime when using the Create Site Event in a workflow
  3. KB001909 - Hotfix: Enabling paging and sorting on a Date column in a List View returns the incorrect data
  4. KB001910 - Hotfix: Copying a document to another Library using the Copy Document Event, reverts the Content Type back to the default
  5. KB001911 - Hotfix: Refreshing a User in K2 using a different case results in a duplicate entry being added to the database
  6. KB001912 - Hotfix: The View name property remains empty after changing the View name on a Form
  7. KB001914 - Hotfix: The Rich Text Control loses content when a property changes using a rule on initialization
  8. KB001915 - Hotfix: SQL Service SmartObjects not available for remapping when deploying a solution
  9. KB001916 - Hotfix: Pop-up messages on a Form do not display on an iOS Mobile device
  10. KB001917 - Hotfix: Unable to change an E-mail Event Priority in K2 Studio
  11. KB001918 - Hotfix: An exception occurs when removing SharePoint User and Group permissions

Fix Pack 3

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001920 - Hotfix: Errors occur when refreshing an existing Oracle service instance and executing an Oracle SmartObject
  2. KB001922 - Hotfix: Unable to update a column if the name of the column contains the word “Value”
  3. KB001923 - Hotfix: After upgrading to K2 4.7 an error occurs when deploying or activating the K2 for SharePoint App

Fix Pack 4

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001925 - Hotfix: Incorrect data returns when executing a GetList method when sorting is enabled
  2. KB001926 - Hotfix: Multiple errors logged incorrectly in HostServer log after deleting a User or Group from Active Directory
  3. KB001927 - Hotfix: An exception occurs in the HostServer log when executing a large number of SmartObjects
  4. KB001928 - Hotfix: A read-only Rich Text control is only set as read-only on the first tab if used in multiple tabs on a Form
  5. KB001929 - Hotfix: Incorrect behavior when resizing a column on a List View in SmartForms runtime
  6. KB001930 - Hotfix: An error occurs when installing K2 4.7 May 2017 Cumulative Update FP2 or FP3 in an environment where a non-default database name is configured

Fix Pack 5

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001931 - Hotfix: Not all parameters are created for the Microsoft Dynamics Great Planes Legacy wsdl
  2. KB001932 - Hotfix: An error occurs when null values return from the Oracle Service Broker
  3. KB001933 - Hotfix: An error occurs when executing a List method on a View or Form at runtime
  4. KB001934 - Hotfix: SQL SmartObjects with optional properties do not function correctly after deployment

Fix Pack 6

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001935 - Hotfix: When using K2 smartforms to update a User/Group column in SharePoint, the column is not updated
  2. KB001936 - Hotfix: When disabling a user in Active Directory, the XML values in the K2 database are empty for disabled user
  3. KB001938 - Hotfix: Rule and mapping widget not badged correctly after deleting an expression
  4. KB001939 - Hotfix: Incorrect padding added on a List View with a Table Control
  5. KB001940 - Hotfix: K2 Workflow Designer Help iButtons open the incorrect documentation

Fix Pack 7

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001942 - Hotfix: An error occurs on a Picker control at runtime when SharePoint List SmartObjects are used as the data source

Fix Pack 8

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001943 - Hotfix: After successfully deploying a package, editing the Form displays the Initialize Rule in an error state
  2. KB001944 - Hotfix: An error occurs intermittently when executing non-SSO SmartObjects using SmartForms
  3. KB001945 - Hotfix: Filters on a SharePoint List view are ignored returning all the SmartObject's data
  4. KB001946 - Hotfix: Incorrect workflow version used in View Flow

Fix Pack 9

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001949 - Hotfix: Emails fail to send when a generic email address is used in a rule action
  2. KB001950 - Hotfix: The Server.Async table is not cleared for activity GoTo escalations
  3. KB001951 - Hotfix: Added process data fields do not display in the Workflow Reporting Service Object
  4. KB001952 - Hotfix: Unable to generate the Audit Report from the K2 Management site
  5. KB001953 - Hotfix: An error occurs when executing a SharePoint 2010 Content SmartObject
  6. KB001954 - Hotfix: A large number of error messages logged in the K2 Host Server log file
  7. KB001955 - Hotfix: Unable to add a new property to a SmartBox SmartObject
  8. KB001956 - Hotfix: Configuring a Button rule to navigate to a Form tab results in badging of the rule

Fix Pack 10

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001959 - Hotfix: Unable to remove a filter from a custom report created in K2 Workspace
  2. KB001960 - Hotfix: Using the picker control on a Form on a mobile device results in part of the Form not rendering
  3. KB001961 - Hotfix: Deploying a project in K2 Designer for Visual Studio causes multiple warning messages
  4. KB001962 - Hotfix: Unable to edit the Tree control static image
  5. KB001963 - Hotfix: Unable to set K2 for SharePoint app permissions on a SharePoint Subsite
  6. KB001964 - Hotfix: Content Type ID input property missing after deploying a package to K2 4.7

Fix Pack 11

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB001981 - Hotfix: Unable to send an email when the Created By Item Reference field is used as the Send To field
  2. KB001982 - Hotfix: Unable to send an email notification when the Created By Item Reference field is used as the Send To field
  3. KB001983 - Hotfix: A dependency warning displays when deleting a column after moving a control with a rule
  4. KB001984 - Hotfix: Incorrect List items returned when specifying paging and filtering on a View
  5. KB001985 - Hotfix: Paging and filtering not functioning as expected on a Form with a List View based on a Composite SmartObject
  6. KB001986 - Regenerating a SmartObject for a SharePoint List where the Title field is hidden results in an error